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We are a Benefit Corporation and B Corp of consulting and training services

Since 2004, we have been carrying out regenerative thinking, pioneering an idea of responsible business and sustainable progress. We believe that sustainability lies in the eye of the beholder, in the pure gaze and simple ways of a child. A glance into the future, a contagious wave of humanity, a widespread sense of responsibility. With our example we inspire other companies to have the same look, with our experience we guide them holistically towards sustainability.

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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability aims at the long-term preservation of its components: air, land, water, fauna, flora. Companies are under increasing pressure to take appropriate measures to reduce their impacts on the ecosystem as much as possible. Pollution and waste production must be drastically reduced as far as the natural system is able to rebuild its balance. Only in this way can humans truly think of having a future on this planet.

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Social Sustainability

As society and work contexts are constantly evolving and with an increasing focus on diversity and vulnerabilities, it is essential to adapt the corporate structure and culture in order to make the work environment open to all resources. In fact, heterogeneity, accompanied by a process of inclusion, makes it possible to improve company performance and, consequently, financial performance. Not only attract talent, investors and consumers, but good D&I practices develop innovative and creative processes, improve the company’s internal culture, enhance brand equity and reputation.

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Economic Sustainability and

Developing and demonstrating governance inspired by sustainable and ethical innovation means making visible (and tangible) the complex of structures, rules and strategies that preside over the management of a company with the perspective of creating value, shared over time, for all stakeholders. Businesses will increasingly be assessed not only by observing their ability to make profit but also in demonstrated ability to create shared value (business with purpose). This includes management methods, regulatory compliance and safeguards to ensure ethical and transparent behaviour.

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Our collaborations arise from meeting people and businesses with whom we share values and visions and with them we chart a journey towards a more sustainable future.

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