Sustainable Progress

We design sustainable business models by supporting companies in responsible progress through innovation, social and environmental sustainability, and improved safety in the workplace.

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Consulting and training services benefit company

Since 2004 we have been acting as an integrated, multidisciplinary system of expertise to offer specialized services in consulting and training.

We contribute to the economic growth of our clients: social equity and respect for nature, positive impact for environment and people.


To help create a better world in which humans and the whole society progress in harmony with other living beings and the environment.


Accompany organizations in sustainable growth to generate value for themselves and the ecosystem in which they are embedded, through the development of knowledge and targeted pathways for prevention, organization, innovation.


Consulting and training designed to define customized and tailored paths with the aim of creating market opportunities for companies.

“UOMOeAMBIENTE collabora con noi da 16 anni per la gestione del nostro Sistema di Gestione Qualità. In tutti questi anni abbiamo sempre apprezzato l’attenzione a coniugare gli aspetti normativi con la concreta sostenibilità operativa aziendale nonché la disponibilità dimostrata a fronte delle nostre esigenze.”

Corrado Immordino – ASCOT ASCENSORI S.r.l.

“Considero fondamentale nel giudicare il valore aggiunto espresso dalla consulenza Uomo e Ambiente la disponibilità e la professionalità dimostrata nonchè la pazienza e l’umiltà di ascoltare le ns. esigenze tecniche ed operative garantendone il corretto e funzionale inquadramento legislativo e gestionale.”

Roberto Contri – SITIP S.r.l.

“S.I.TO S.p.A collabora con la società Uomo e Ambiente dal 2015. Individuata mediante procedura gara, S.I.TO ha consolidato anche negli anni seguenti il rapporto collaborativo con Uomo e Ambiente per la professionalità dei suoi Consulenti e la sua competitività sul mercato.”

Laura Molinario – S.I.TO S.p.A.

Areas of intervention

Creating value, trust and progress for our Clients is our primary goal, which we pursue through an approach geared toward “tailor-made projects” and developing and consolidating long-lasting relationships.

Our training courses🛒

Classroom Training

Webinar Training

E-learning Training

On-site Training

News and events

The dissemination of news through the publication of news and the organization of events is intended to express the socially responsible behavior of UOMOeAMBIENTE in order to contribute to sustainable development and the management of change by promoting the updating of common knowledge and the acquisition of greater social awareness of the issues involved.

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